Devil Inside, created by Actor/Writer Todd Stashwick and Artist/Writer Dennis Calero.

In 2009 NBC was airing it’s fourth season of it’s hit show Heroes. At that time Dennis Calero was employed as an  artist for the webcomic that was part of the ancillary marketing for the show. He was drawing a backstory webcomic to provide lead up material for the appearance of a new character, Eli, a member of the carnival of Villains, which was that year’s arc. Eli was played by Todd Stashwick.

Todd, being a comic book nerd, was thrilled with Dennis’ rendition of him and reached out on twitter, to compliment Dennis on his work. Dennis was familiar with Todd’s acting work on TV. The two exchanged messages which ultimately lead to the two meeting for coffee in Los Angeles. They chatted about TV, Star Wars, Movies, Comics and bonded over anti-heroes and caffeine. They spoke of original ideas for films and TV. That day they hatched a plan. They would collaborate on an original webcomic.  They would put up one page a week for as long as it took to tell the story. It would be online and it would be free.

They launched the first comic on Todd’s personal website back in July of 2010. The night before San Diego Comic Con. They traveled to that pop culture mecca with one comic up online, a box of postcards and the stamina to crow about it for five days. They parked themselves in Artists Alley, every chance they could, they sold people on the Devil having a crisis of conscience and going on the lam in the Nevada desert.  They returned to SDCC for the next six years, now with printed copies to sell of each subsequent chapter. They were overwhelmed by the response. A cult following began from fans around the world. generating fan art, sporting Devil Inside t-shirts, the books and supported this labor of love born at a coffee shop.. The feedback has been incredible.

In 2017 the comic, now in it’s fourth chapter, has grown to warrant it’s own dedicated website. While busy with other projects, Todd and Dennis still are dedicated to finishing the winding supernatural tale of Jack Springheel, the Devil at a crossroads. Enjoy.